Saturday, July 9, 2011


      This morning I woke to one of my favorite sounds.  Each Saturday that I am able to sleep in I hear the melodic sounds of little birds outside my window.  Perhaps it is the mother bird saying “rise and shine little ones it’s time for breakfast.”  Maybe it is the little ones saying “mommy we’re hungry what’s for breakfast?”  Or perhaps they are simply chattering to each other saying “come on, get up… it’s time to sing and play.”  All I know is that it is a precious sound and even though I don’t understand what they are saying, I know their voices.  There is no mistake in who is singing outside my window.

          Some days, I miss hearing their sweet song.  My pesky neighbor might be revving up his boat engine or whacking at his bushes with a trimmer and weed eater.  Traffic may be barreling down the highway drowning out the voices of my sweet choir.  But today there was stillness and my little visitors brought a gentle reminder in the quietness of the morning.  You see our lives are like this moment with my little bird friends.  We long to hear that sweet song in the morning.  Sometimes we can’t hear it because of all the “noise” of life.  And at other times we can hear it but fail to recognize it or understand its message.

          There was a prophet in Biblical history by the name of Elijah.  He had boldly proclaimed God’s message to a faithless land.  As a result he found himself running for his life and hiding from his adversaries.  One day he was hiding in a cave, wondering what in the world to do, feeling sorry for himself and trying to figure out where his God was in the middle of it all.  So the voice of God came to him.  He was told to get out of the cave and stand on the mountain.  As he did so, a strong wind like that of a hurricane ripped through the mountains and shattered the rocks around him.  God was no where to be found.  Next an earthquake shook and cracked open the ground beneath his feet, but still…. God could not be seen.  The earthquake caused a fire and yet still, God was not in the fire.  Finally Elijah heard a gentle and quiet whisper.  It was the voice of God.

          You see, often we try to find God, to find direction, to find purpose in the middle of our circumstances through grand displays or miraculous events.  But all too often, those noises are only loud distractions from the message stirring deep in our hearts.  Sometimes it is in the small things, the quiet moments that God speaks – not with the voice of thunder, but in a gentle whisper.  This morning the sweet song from my “friends” reminded me of just how close God is.  If I strain my ear I can hear His whisper.  If I sit very still I can feel His breath on my face as He draws me close.  And while it is true I don’t always understand the “words” to the song He is whispering in my ear, just like those birds outside my window, I know Who it is that is singing the song.  There is no mistake as to Whose voice it is.  So I encourage you today.  Find a moment to sit still and let the song of the Divine make its way to your ears.  There are reminders all around you of His presence.  Listen for that gentle whisper….