Monday, April 8, 2013

Point Of No Return

          Do you know what it means when a person says they are at the “point of no return”?  Well the phrase is primarily used by airline pilots.  You see when they plan a trip, chart a destination, map a route, then they make every preparation to arrive safely at their destination point.  Of course maintenance of the aircraft is paramount, but what is of utmost importance is calculating the fuel it will take to fly from point A to point B.  Now if a pilot is in route to a location and something goes wrong with some of his equipment or whatever, he has what we would call a “window of opportunity” to either land the plane or turn around and head back to his starting point.  However, once he is midway into the flight, it would be impossible to turn around and go “back home” for one simple reason.  He would not have enough fuel to get there!  He has counted the costs of the trip, he has made preparation and he has committed to flight.  So at that point, he simply must follow through.  He must fly the plane to the intended destination or land somewhere other than where he planned.  Of course if he is flying over the ocean then that would be an impossibility.  He simply must commit to the flight plan or else perish!  Sometimes in life if we are to reach a goal or a dream, if we are to improve a relationship or a health issue, if we are to lighten a financial burden or some other weight, then we have to get to our “point of no return”.  Otherwise we keep landing in emergency corn fields or even worse, perishing out over the ocean.  Many of us never even get to this point.  We set out in flight totally prepared and with every intention of reaching our destination but for some reason or another we find ourselves turning the plane around and heading back to safe zones.  We become like the proverbial dog chasing its tail, never getting anywhere!  It is at this point we are living out that familiar definition of insanity – doing the same thing we’ve always done expecting different results.   It never happens does it? 

            So where are you today?  Is a bad habit causing you to turn around in your tracks and head back to what is familiar?  Is a dysfunctional or hurtful relationship causing you to crash land time and time again?  Is your health keeping you from even getting off the ground?  It is time for a change.  Successful people will tell you that when they got to their “point of no return” to where they wanted something badly enough to commit to it, that is where they found success.  If they can, you can.  So count the costs today.   Make all the preparations you need to, map out your route of how you will get there, fill yourself up with information, with positive affirmation, with resources that you can call on along the way and then just do it!  Last night I faced such a moment in my life.  It was difficult and I knew that refusing to “turn the plane around” would put me in a “do or die” situation.  But I knew it was the right thing and would ultimately get me to where I want to be.  So today, let this be your moment.  Commit to the plan, navigate your flight forward and move on past your “point of no return”.  You can do this!