Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Snail's Pace

     Yesterday was two weeks since I had major neck/spine surgery.  A few days ago I removed the outer bandage where the incision had been made.  It was so miniscule that by all appearances, nothing major had even occurred and it looked as though I had already recovered.  What I was feeling internally however, was telling a different story.  I knew by the pain and discomfort that I truly did have many weeks to go in my recuperation process just as the doctor said I would.  Still with each passing day, I detect improvement - it might just be a few more minutes without the need of medication, or a few more hours restful sleep at night, but my body shows signs of progression and improvement.  Being an active person, it seems slow going and I am having to re-learn the art of rest.  I hear the sound of my own voice with advice I have given to countless others - "It is the 'being' that energizes the doing."  Sometimes progression in our lives seems to be slow going doesn't it?  Ironically, those around us are clueless just how far we have come or how far we still desire to go.  Everything "looks" good on the outside - the job is steady, the kids are growing, days are filled with activity and no one really understands the dreams, goals and plans deep inside.

       Growth takes time, movement seems slow but everything develops at its own speed, in its own time.  What I've come to understand is that things that last, things that are of value often take time, determination, persistence and perseverance to obtain.  Over the years in my own life I have experienced growth that seemed so slow but once it became evident, it was amazing how far I had come and how much strength I had gained. Sometimes I compare my growth to an oak tree stating that I have grown at "oak speed".   I live along the Gulf Coast where we are prone to storms and susceptible to hurricanes.  I've seen scores of pine trees snapped in two by the velocity of these power wind monsters.  Also, I've noticed how much better our lovely oak trees fare in such adverse circumstances.  Think about an oak tree....  a tiny little acorn digs deep in the ground and over time sprouts up.  Days, months and years go by and then one day a strong, proud massive tower emerges offering strength through the storms, shade from the heat and lovely beauty to the landscape.

     A few days ago I was rather stir crazy from resting in doors after my surgery so I stepped onto my back sun porch for a few moments.  As I sat there I looked up on the beams and noticed a tiny little snail attached about  four feet from the ground.  Below, I could see his trail where he had inched his way from the outer wall across the brick several feet and then up the beam.  It was actually quite amazing to see each mark where this tiny little creature had scooted inch by inch to reach his desired destination.  That strange moment gave me such a sense of serenity about my own progression - with my physical recovery, with relationships, and also with my projects, goals and dreams that I am pursuing.  Some days have been slow and time has been eternal but in it all I have not once given up or stopped doing all I can to move forward even if that progression was just "inching" along.  That little snail gave me a powerful reminder.  Healing takes time, growth doesn't happen over night, change is a process, success is a journey but persistence and determination will ensure that I arrive just where I am meant to be at just the right moment and so will you!  Keep moving forward!