Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tune In

Yesterday I was talking to someone about childhood television programs that we used to faithfully watch each day.  I am telling my age by bringing this up, but “back in the day” when it came to the end of a certain program that was a daily broadcast, a deep voiced announcer would fade in with an audio announcement that would say something like this… “Tune in again tomorrow for more…”  It would be more of the story, more adventure, more… something.  Some of you may remember the original “Batman” series.  That announcer would invite the audience to “tune in again tomorrow – same bat time same bat station!”  “Tuning in” was our ticket to more of what we loved. 

In my own life, I have recently experienced this concept of “tuning in” in a way that I haven’t before.  It seems like it should be a natural process for all of us.  I should certainly understand it’s concept with all the years of musical training I had in my formative years.  “Tuning in” meant joining together in perfect harmony, adjusting our instruments, our voices and sometimes, even our attitudes, so that beautiful music would transpire.  If someone was even the least bit out of tune, the entire musical piece was tarnished and diminished in some way.  Also, “tuning in” sometimes meant waiting in anticipation for our turn within a particular musical composition.  Not every instrument was designed to showcase its ability with every single note.  There was always a delicate balance necessary in order to create a beautiful “symphony” of sound. 

Perhaps you aren’t musically gifted, but each of us has harmony deposited into our being.  By that I mean, we all desire to have a life of balance and flow, of peace and blessing, of fulfillment and achievement, of laughter and love.  Why does it seem to be such a struggle at times?  For me personally, I think it has much to do with my ability to step into the areas of life that I have been afforded both gifts and opportunity for.  Each of us has a certain essence that is uniquely ours.  That simply means that we all have certain, gifts, talents, characteristics, personalities that were divinely designed for a unique purpose in life to both enhance our lives and to bless others.  When we don’t step into those things, we somehow come up short and miss so much of what our lives can be or that should be.  Also, when we ignore the importance of timing in regards to “tuning in,” then we also come up short.  Just like the days of the old television programs where we had to “stay tuned” for more, we knew there was more to come… tomorrow or next week, but there was more if we could just wait for that moment and tune in at the proper time.

One of my favorite Biblical passages states, “don’t become weary in doing good for you will reap a harvest in due time if you don’t lose heart.”  The art of “tuning in” brings a dimension to life that is otherwise missed.  When we take those steps towards our purpose and essence, when we flow in our natural gifts and talents given by God without fear of what’s to come, and when we begin to allow life to simply “happen” rather than trying to force it, everything that we are longing for, striving for, hoping for has a way of unfolding for us!  So whatever you desire in life, “tune up” and “tune in” and before you know it, you will have a harmony of life beyond what you ever imagined!!!!!