Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Diamonds In The Sand - Month 1

 Day 1 started out as an ordinary day.  Little did I know it 
would lead me on a journey to the beginning of a most extraordinary year.  My friend Laura introduced this transformation contest to me.  We both said “why not?” as we had already been encouraging each other in various areas of life that we desire to see greater progress in.  So with the click of a mouse I began my journey of transformation.  At first, I wasn’t extremely passionate in my daily entries.  I just simply tried to report any progress made in the day and find a quote or a thought that might inspire someone else. But as I began to read what others wrote concerning their journey - both their struggles, successes, dreams and failures, it was like a spark igniting the flame gently burning in my heart.  Below are some of the little “nuggets” I posted the first month of the contest that I discovered on my journey and then subsequently shared so that others could “pick them up” and use them in their journey.  We never know what our lessons learned and treasures discovered might mean to someone else…

*How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time of course!

*3 Rules For Achieving Your Goals In Life:
1. If you do not GO after what you want you’ll never have it. 
2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO. 
3. If you do not STEP FORWARD, you’ll always be in the SAME PLACE.
* People say all the time that they do not have time for this or that. To say that we simply do not have time for something is a cop out. Everyone has time for what is at the top of their priority list. Someone asked the question yesterday on the post, how do you motivate yourself to do something that you just really do not want to do? The answer is to determine how important that thing, event or activity is to you. If it is at the top of your list then you will find a way to do it - feel like it or not. Why? Because it matters! I am learning to say"yes" to what matters and "no" to what does not. It takes an equal amount of courage to say yes to something that is daunting as it does to say "no" to something that you dread. Courage - it is not the absence of fear but the determination to move forward despite the fear! We can do this :) 

* It has been said that love is a choice. Well I tend to think happiness is a choice also. I read this great quote today. It said:  "Life's not always perfect but it's always what you make it. So make it count, make it memorable and never let anyone steal your happiness!" May we all keep that in mind along this journey. I am the only person in control of whether or not I will be happy. So as I started this contest I chose what to bring with me and what to leave behind, what to reach out for and what to let go! And it is working like a charm. I am happy!!!! And choosing to be happy makes me feel better, makes me wealthier, makes me wiser! 

* Do you know how the villagers trap monkeys in Africa? They let them "trap themselves". They will hollow out a goard, fill it with nuts and tasty treats that the monkeys can't resist. Then they carve a hole just big enough for the monkey to stick his hand in. Once the monkey reaches in, his greed gets the best of him. He will grab all his chubby little hands can hold. There is one problem. With his hand full, it is too big to fit back through the hole! All he has to do is let go of what is keeping him prisoner and he is free! But he refuses and soon is carried away to captivity. Sometimes the best thing to do is LET IT GO! What are you holding on to?

* I think to some degree we are all creatures of habit. We have a routine with something or someone and when it is broken we face that dreaded monster called anxiety. I looked the word up and it simply means "to vex or to trouble" or "paranoia of something out there that seems menacing but it may not be menacing, and indeed may not even be out there." So today when that monster crept up on me, I took a deep breath and reminded myself it was only a shadow. So rather than "shadowboxing" with something that did not exist, I chose to let the light in my own heart and mind make the way clear. Ahhh!!! Now I can't wait to see what this day holds for me! 

*“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo
This one statement has totally changed my outlook. When asked to set my goals for this contest, I set really big ones. And you know what? I've seen more results in a week of this contest than in a year on my own! I will no longer be held back by a fear of failure. Remember the story of Thomas Edison. He experimented with thousands of prototypes to the light bulb before he finally got it "right". When asked about all his failures, he stated that they all were successes in that they showed him what would not work so that he could invent what would! I am on my way with a little more success each day!!!!

*"To transform your life you first must understand what is keeping it the way it is." Ignorance is NOT bliss! 

*"Do not allow others drama invade or affect your life. Do not allow their insanity to become yours. You do not have to take on the burdens of dramatic, dysfunctional people. It is YOUR choice to be healthy, happy and whole!" This has become my mantra over the last year. People who aren't doing anything will try to hinder what you are doing so don't let them! I'd rather fail trying something than succeed at doing nothing. How about you? 

* With the proper incentive, we don't just do what we have to do, but do what we need to do so that we can do what we long to do!!!!

* Churchill's famous 2 word speech "Never Give Up" is why I am alive today. Faced with an abusive marriage, health and financial issues, and a preemie baby that I didn't know if he would live or die, I didn't see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. But those 3 little words by Mr. Churchill that and four more words from God "You Are Not Alone!" helped me make it. Now 20 years and many miracles later I can tell you it works! Don't give up. You are not in this thing alone. You can do it! And remember, failure isn't falling down, it is refusing to get back up! 

* Have read a few posts this morning where others are feeling defeated because they regressed or came short of their goals. So I want to repeat one line from my journal entry from earlier today.  "FAILURE IS NOT FALLING DOWN, IT IS REFUSING TO GET BACK UP!" So with that said, everyone we can do this! So let me say to you what I say to myself when I sound like a "whiner" instead of a "winner". GET UP, GET OVER IT, GET ON WITH IT! 

* When my son was younger he was an Indiana Jones wanna be - so much so that he declared Archaeology as his major in college. We watched the trilogy of Indiana Jones movies dozens of times. One scene has stuck in my mind all these years. You may remember it - the "leap of faith" moment where Indy is being chased and he comes to the end of a cavern wall that is a cliff off into the abyss. He has two choices, be captured or take that great leap believing that maybe somehow he will be saved and find sure footing towards his destiny. I have felt like Indy on a few occasions. You know that point of no return when you either give up and die or you simply take a leap of faith. The goals I've set this year have been my "leap of faith" moment because I don't intend to let my dreams die. And neither should you! And what I am finding in just a few short weeks is that leap of faith has built a path underneath me! I am one step closer than I was yesterday.

*"Courage is about having the ability to be who you really are and do what you really want, especially when it is challenging, scary, or inconvenient." ~Kim George
I took this to heart today! When I woke I was stressed about a situation in my life that seemed stuck. So even though I was "shaking in my boots", I took a deep breath, confronted the issue, stayed true to myself, spoke just how I felt, did just what I believed was right and it turned everything around in that one moment! There are a lot of voices positive and negative and sometimes too many voices are just as bad as none at all. The ONE voice that you must always listen to is the one deep in your own heart!

*It requires courage to speak the truth. But if we are not honest in our words and expression we will not really be honest in our endeavors.

* Everyone has baggage. What we all need is someone(s) who care enough to help us unpack! Let's lighten the load today peeps so we can move forward!!!!! :)

*"You can't see the stars if you stay inside the tent!" There is so much more than what we can see in our comfort zones. So let's go for it! It's another great day!!!!!!

*"You don't have to walk on's how you walk on land!" It isn't that one big moment that catapults us into greatness but the little ones that lead us there one step at a time.

*"You don't have to walk on's how you walk on land!" ~Brian Tracy

It isn't that one big moment that catapults us into greatness but the little ones that lead us there one step at a time.

* I am a "To Do List" fanatic. My son tells me that I am always calculating every single detail of everything! So learning Craig's "brain dump" technique that he shared in today's email has always been a challenge for me. Not until several years ago when I became ill and was flat on my back! Sometimes life has a way of slowing us down whether we want to or not. And the one thing I learned is this... "IT IS THE BEING THAT ENERGIZES THE DOING." So if you want to put some new life and new energy into your goals, take time to just "be" every single day. Relax, smell the roses, or coffee or whatever makes you happy!

* My accountability partner and friend Laura, who is also a participant in this contest sent me an email today that recounted the story of bamboo, I have taught this lesson many times but never tire of hearing it. And not long after I read it, I read a daily post by someone that the story fit their situation to a tee so I was able to share it with them. I'd like to share it with you guys as well. Perhaps it will motivate you as it has me on many occasions when I've wanted to give up.
I read the story again today about Bamboo. When it is planted, you see no signs of growth for 5 whole years! But it is still watered and fertilized, cultivated and cared for as though it is high above the ground. Then one day a sprout comes up and it grows 3 feet per day until it can reach as high as 90 feet! So don't get discouraged on what you feel you should be doing. You're doing great!

And that is my thought to each of you... Don't get discouraged, you're doing great! NEVER GIVE UP!

*"The mountain you continue to climb will lead you to the treasure you desire to find. Meet you at the top!"