Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kindred Spirits

Today I was reading the words of Terri a fellow "transformer". As she shared the most recent events in her life with transparency and courage, I caught a glimpse of myself and my life just a few years ago. More and more I realize just what kindred spirits we all are. We come from all over the world, and are about as diverse as people can be, yet we carry common traits like brothers and sisters, part of one amazing family. Reading Terri’s story today and thinking of my own reminded me just how deeply one life affects another. In the “Special Thanks” section of the book I am writing, I mention one very special person along with others who have impacted my life. When this person came into my life he spoke just a few simple words to me… “I’m not the judgmental kind, your past is your past; you are an amazing woman.” - One sentence at the appropriate time lived out in non-verbal expression over the course of time changed the course of my life forever. 

Following is the expression and gratitude that I wrote in my “special thanks” to my dearest friend and I feel its message is applicable to all of us woven in this “tapestry” that I spoke of the other day… “Your words gave me so much courage to rise above my circumstances and move beyond my past. Yes just a few words, but they set me on a path of no return. For that I am eternally grateful. Often the eyes of another are our own soul’s mirror where we catch just a glimpse of ourselves. Thank you for seeing beauty in me, when I struggled to see beauty in myself; you hold a special place in my heart and are my kindred spirit… You will never truly know how deeply your admiration and acceptance of me impacted my life. We both have learned a great deal about acceptance and I pray that I have shown you the same acceptance that you have given me. I have also seen this acceptance in the eyes of other friends and family only to realize it is the very thing that radiates from my own soul. Sometimes it is easier to give to others what we struggle with giving ourselves. We really are all kindred spirits in one way or another. We never know how much weight our words of encouragement or kindness my carry. Just one word at the appropriate time can impact the life of another forever.” 

The words that I wrote in that acknowledgment to my friend have been realized on an even deeper level since I began this transformation. We ARE kindred spirits, we are a reflection of each other and we never know what a few simple words can do to change a day or a life forever… Your words have changed mine. So keep writing! Keep sharing! And always remember YOU ARE LOVED! :)