Saturday, February 2, 2013

Granny Ninja

I have so much good to report and I’ll start with that but please read to the end my story of the “Granny Ninja”.  I think you’ll love it! :) Kwan my friend, I’ll start my daily report saying the fog is gone!  The STAR is shining bright :)  I ended my night “loving on myself” a bit just as you suggested.  I took a bubble bath, enjoyed my quiet time, had a special conversation with someone close to me, and then slept in this morning.  And I woke feeling SO much better today!  Thank all of you for the positive energy, prayers, thoughts and TLC you sent my way.  You guys are the best!  My domestic diva kicked in and my chores were a breeze.  Spent time paying bills, organizing my finances and budget, filed my taxes!  Go me! Spent quality time with my son, talked world events, enjoyed breakfast together, watched videos.   My appetite returned from this week’s battle with Fibromyalgia and the pain was all but a memory.  I had an energy lull late this afternoon, but after just a few minutes chatting with my sweet mother on the phone it was gone.  As I thought about my fight the last few days and how I broke through today, I was reminded of a phrase my friend and I use for my ninety year old grandmother.  He and I call her “Granny Ninja”!  She is the most amazing woman I know.  A year ago she was caring for her youngest daughter who was in the last stages of cancer.  You can imagine the turmoil a mother would face watching her youngest fight for her life.  One evening all the darkness took its toll on her.  She said she was lying in bed trying to sleep and she felt that dark presence come into her room. It was one of those angel versus demon moments that Craig talks about.  She tossed and turned, worried about her daughter, tried to sleep, but became more restless as the hour went on.  She said she finally simply stuck her foot out from her bed covers, kicked as hard as she could and said “devil you are not welcome in my house and you will not steal my sleep or torment my mind. GET OUT!”  And with that supercharged “granny ninja” kick in a moment of prayer that presence left!  I think we can win over any darkness, any negative thing that tries to steal our serenity, our joy, our peace, our purpose. We just have to decide that “enough is enough” and muster up the faith to overcome what is trying to hold us back.  So today I dug deep to that inner flame in me, that supernatural fortitude given me and welcomed the warmth around me in my fellow transformers, my handsome son, my sweet mother, my amazing grandmother and my Maker and felt that life flow surging with power again!  And Sherri this is for you….  I was ready one more time to “Go forth and be AWESOME!”  Hope everyone had an amazing day!!!!  And of course always remember YOU ARE LOVED!