Sunday, February 24, 2013


When I woke this morning, I laid in bed very still drinking in what the morning had to offer me. I was being given what I have been asking for over the course of my busy days and nights – gentle quietness. There were no dogs barking, cars revving their engines, children chattering or life in the fast lane whizzing by me. No it was just the gentle sound of the rhythm of nature welcoming the day in harmony with the beating of my own heart! Funny thing about that is I imagine this symphony of serenity has probably been awaiting my arrival to participate in the song for days now but I could not, did not or have not tuned my ear in to sing and dance along with this perfect melody of life. Even in my meditation times each day my mind has not totally been at rest to hear this melodic masterpiece performed by nature and orchestrated by God. The answer to some of life’s most perplexing questions are found in such reverent moments and it saddens me to think how many of them I have missed.

Some of you may remember one of my stories the other day about living in the country. This time of life was when my son was a pre-schooler. Life was so much simpler then. At the end of each day Josh and I would have a special time before he went to sleep. I would go into his room, tuck him in bed and then we would say “nite-nite” prayers together. He had quite the list for God each night. He prayed for every family member, every friend and acquaintance far and near. One night, I slipped in to pray with him. It appeared that he had started without me. I tried to speak but this precious brown-eyed boy that was so much a reflection of me stopped me. “Shhh Mommy…be quiet, Jesus is trying to tell me something.” I felt a Divine awe fill the room as I sat reverently on his bed. Who was I to doubt? My son had been conversing with God! Things in my life were in so much turmoil during that time. I finished prayers with my son and went back to my own bed choking back the tears. Feeling very alone, I took a labored breath to say my own “nite-nite” prayers but I felt as if I were being interrupted. “Shhh, I want to tell you something.” For a moment, my heart was at peace and my mind at rest.

This morning as creation welcomed the new day for me, I heard that same voice saying “Shhh…” Last night that sweet little boy who is now a 20 year old man, sat up half the night with me seeking answers to some life issues. We talked and talked and talked, we cried and then talked some more. And finally exhausted we called it a night. I felt a bit defeated because I didn’t have answers. But in my quiet moment this morning the answer came in one little word “Shhh…” I can’t wait to speak to my son today and recount this lovely story. Somehow I think he will find the answers he so desperately seeks. I hope today you have one of those “Shhh…” moments listening to the “whisper” of your own heart and can write to tell about the answers, the healing, the insight, the motivation and the inspiration that came from that one moment. YOU ARE LOVED today!