Saturday, March 2, 2013

Center Of The Flame

Tonight it is cold here on the Gulf Coast! That is not an every day occurrence here. We have the honor of experiencing all the seasons within a span of 48 hours at times! I am sitting by my fireplace enjoying a quiet moment. These moments have been much too rare as of late. But every extra hour spent making a difference both in the lives of others and my own is worth it. As I watch the flames darting in and out, dancing to and fro in my fireplace I think about that single flame. That flame can warm me when I am cold, it can cook food for my consumption, heat water for my cleansing or it can even harm me if I approach it in the wrong way with the wrong mindset. Life is like that I think. Things that are considered good can be used for evil and things that are considered bad sometimes provide a life lesson and burn out any infection or impurities that we have to make us better. Did you know there is a pocket of air in the center of a flame that is perfectly safe? If anything were to be inside that little pocket it would not get burned – would not be consumed! I think there is such a “safe place” for all of us in even difficulty, even when we are in the middle of the flames of life. We find that safe place in our faith, in the love of our family, the loyalty of friends and in the compassion of would be strangers whom we now call friends. Thank each of you for being that “safe place” for me and for each member of our community. I type “TC” each day but I think it has taken on new meaning for me “True Comrades” in something bigger than just a contest. I hope you have encouraged someone today, loved on someone today. It is the greatest thing we could ever do for another. YOU ARE LOVED!