Wednesday, April 17, 2013


          The other day I was on my commute home from work.  I was driving in the left lane of three lanes.  All of a sudden my lane stopped while the others were slowly but steadily moving along in the traffic.  I tried to see what was going on, but the cars in front of me were blocking the view.  I tried to move into the middle lane but the constant stream of traffic prevented me from making a lane change.  I was blocked, I was stuck, I was at a stand still and could not make my way home and didn’t even know why!  One by one, the cars in front of me found an opening in the middle lane and moved on.  But each time I tried, the flow of traffic was too heavy.  I was too close to the roadblock to find an opening.  Oh how frustrating!  Finally, the car in front of me decided to “create” a passing lane and eased onto the median to our left.  When they did, I could see that there was a car stalled in front of us.  With that small opening, I too, eased my way onto the median and was able to move past the roadblock ahead.  My oh my!  It had been a long day and the last thing I wanted or needed was to be stuck in traffic.  I just wanted to go home.

          The last few weeks I have been working diligently to complete edits on my book manuscript getting it ready for publication.  Everything under the sun has tried to hinder it!  My laptop crashed on me about a month ago so I have been using my son's laptop.  A couple of days ago his crashed with my most recent edits on it that unfortunately I had not backed up.  Yesterday, I went to the computer shop holding on to hope only to hear that the motherboard was gone in my laptop and the hard drive was gone in his!  Last night I updated my web sites from my phone (the same phone that has a quickly failing battery that will need to be replaced sometime soon...)  Roadblocks!  I crawled into bed at the end of the evening wondering what in the world was on the other side of this boulder that had fallen on my path forward.   Frankly I wanted to cover my head and just not even get up today. Sometimes life is just hard isn't it?  No matter how much we hear that delays serve a purpose in our lives, they still take a toll on us.

          We have all  watched the news concerning the recent tragedy in our country in Boston.  These hundreds of runners came together for the Patriots Marathon to make a difference by running to raise money for charities.  Can you imagine how those who were injured or who lost a loved one are feeling now as they try to regain some semblance of life?  What started out as an easy course turned into a life changing detour.  Now think of the other runners that were further behind in the race.  Perhaps some of them had to stop to tie a shoe lace, or rest a moment to catch their breath or perhaps help someone up who had fallen.  Maybe a simple pit stop for a cup of cold water made the difference between life and death.  Their delay of only a few seconds could've saved their life, or the life of another.  Sometimes our delays make no sense at all, they are frustrating and heartbreaking even; but what I have learned is that they are not without purpose.  Even if our delays are unseen hindrances to our detriment, we will ultimately work through them if we maintain a positive attitude, seek understanding through meditation and prayer and find a way to either move around the obstacles or climb over them.  This was a lesson in progress for me last night as I pecked away at the tiny virtual keyboard on my smartphone trying to update my nightly post for the community page!  I didn't hold back my questions to God last night.  I am so glad He is so patient with His strong-willed girl.  Sometimes our delays might simply be for the benefit of another.  There may be someone that needs our help, our word of encouragement, our smile or simply our positive attitude through our own difficulty to motivate and help them through their delays and difficulties.   

          Another interesting story that came out of the Boston tragedy was a woman who was just seconds ahead of the bomb blasts.  She was already tired from the lengthy race, but had the finish line in sight.  She stated in a news story that should could literally feel the impact of the explosion behind her.  She could've stopped at that point but she said something instinctively kicked in and she kept running until she crossed the finish line.  She knew she had to finish what she started regardless of the danger around her.  She had tunnel vision for those last few moments of her race.

          I wish I could tell you I understand why delays happen.  Frankly, I don't and frankly sometimes I get aggravated and even angry about them like I did that day in traffic when I was trying to get home and like I did yesterday with all the bad news concerning my "electronics" fiasco.  My son is now terrified of letting me touch the desktop computer at home!  Another of my friends told me I just had too much "Chi".  Perhaps that is true.  I suppose I need to harness some of this excess energy!  Honestly, there may be times when we never see why there was a delay.  We may never know if we were being spared some imminent danger, or if we have made a difference through our difficulty and delay or simply needed to slow down for our own benefit.  I think it all comes down to trusting the process, being determined, staying focused and unshakeable regardless of what comes our way.  Not everything is about the destination.  Much of life is about the journey - yes even when we are stopped in our tracks by roadblocks!  So rather than blaming God or the devil, ourselves or fate, we need to trust that timing is always perfect and things develop as they are meant to as long as we are doing all that we are supposed to do.  So whatever you are facing today, whatever appears to be IN your way, hold tight and don't give up!   Keep believing and keep trusting.  You are in capable Hands and you are loved more than you could know...